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Posted on Tuesday, November 26th, by Ben Pearson. Is there a point where the personal fallout from a quest for truth and the consequences of uncovering long-buried secrets become so detrimental that the quest itself should be stifled? But it seems to be a pair of twin sisters, played by the great Lizzy Caplan , whose lives hang in the balance if the real truth is discovered. Check out a new featurette for the series below.

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While a few key Marvel Cinematic Universe heroes ended their journeys in Avengers: Endgame , not all of the veteran actors are ready to hang up their tights and capes just yet. Read his quotes below. Wonder Woman Bad Boys for Life. Birds of Prey. Black Widow. Chris Evangelista. Christopher Stipp. Devindra Hardawar. Aflevering van Nooit Meer Slapen met o. Het Fotomuseum in Den Haag presenteert de eerste solotentoonstelling van Wessels in Nederland, waar zij nieuw met ouder werk combineert.

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Taking Off. Henry my Neighbor is genomineerd voor de Nederlandse Fotoboekenprijs, samen met vier andere boeken. De prijs wordt uitgereikt aan het beste fotoboek van een Nederlandse of in Nederland werkzame fotograaf dat verschenen is in 0f Aan de nominaties is een expositie rond hun boeken verbonden. Mariken Wessels: I studied drama at the theater school in Amsterdam, where I graduated at age I have worked as an actress for theater and television for a good decade, before I decided my future should be in visual arts. I then started my studies at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie also located in Amsterdam , where my focus shifted towards working with photography, books, and to a lesser extent installation and sculpture.

I believe that my background and experience in drama still influences my attitude in photography today, in the sense that I often work with characters and story lines. MW: It depends on the project I'm working on. For example, for my latest book Taking Off. Henry My Neighbor I puzzled with several narrative layers. First I conduct research into the characters I present and represent, then I try to shape a story line, which determines the editing proces and how I need to combine photographs with other documents.

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I keep track of my research results in a notebook, but most of all I past notes and images to the wall of my studio. Thus I can see clearly where a project is heading to. Afterwards is mostly editing and working on images. Basically the research and the narrative structure guide my choices in how a project is given shape and what selections I make. This effects a book's graphic design and layout as well. MW: For the balancing of formal qualities with the narrative structure of a series it is also the underlying research that proves decisive. At some point it makes the pieces fall into place.

You feel what is right, so it's an intuitive process for a great deal, but with its foundation in preliminary investigations.

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MW: I keep posing questions to myself, about why I'm making the choices I make. It helps me staying focused and alerts me to certain issues that aren't quite right yet.

If I feel there are still knots to untie, I will need to figure out where the friction is. This is a natural part of the workflow. During editing and layout this flow sometimes comes to a standstill, but I know then that a solution will announce itself sooner or later. Things for me go easily wrong when I work too fast, so I need to take time and give projects plenty time to ripen. MW: I begin making book dummies in the very early stages of a project. Making dummies is what I consider essential. Turning the pages, a thousand times, leafing through again and again.

It makes clear to me what otherwise remains unsolved, so that I know where to smoothen rough edges for the final edit and layout. If a dummy leaves me unsatisfied, I'm up to the daunting task of confronting myself: where did I go wrong? I have to be honest and never compromise in order to achieve a book that I feel has the right form. MW: Often I see a choice of paper that doesn't match with the content or story. The same goes for choices of fonts, style of layout or binding. I believe that everything should have been brought together in such a way that one doesn't wonder at all why a book appears the way it appears, it is just naturally there.

erotic, obscene and explicit movies

The relationship between design and edit must be right on all levels. MW: Not an advice on editing per se, but one of my teachers at the Rietveld one day said to me "Make a book! While I was already being fascinated by photography in series, I felt that photographs organized within the book format could make everything fall into place. The LeadAwards was given by an independent expert selection committee, made up of 35 accredited professionals.

The Mind Issue , featuring a review of Taking Off. The Book Award, created 47 years ago, grants nowadays three categories of books, as a contribution to the extraordinary expansion of photography publishing and to its optimal distribution. An extraordinary amount of photographs and cut-up collages comprise an archival vertigo of amateur nude art. The book can be purchased directly from the artist or at various bookshops around the world. Please note: variants of the special edition may differ. The Book Award was created 47 years ago at the birth of the festival.

It has been developed and grants nowadays three categories of books, as a contribution to the extraordinary expansion of photography publishing and to its optimal distribution.

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The allotted sum is 6 euros. A jury formed with the nominators of the Discovery Award will name the Book Awards winners during the opening week. Half of the allotted sum is paid to the publisher and half to the photographer after the ceremony - or all the authors in the case of collaborative or collective works.

Henry my neighbor, de Mariken Wessels. Belly cut off , sus tres publicaciones hasta ahora.

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Taking off. En I want to eat y Queen Ann. Lo que adivinamos de esas vidas es triste o aterrador. Descubrieron la historia de la pareja que fue en su tiempo, vecina de la autora. Recuerdo cargar con ella un dia caluroso. Aprovecho su premio de hoy, de manera muy oportunista, para presentarla.

Canvasconnectie met Mariken Wessels 'Taking Off. Blader zelf even mee en ontdek er vanavond om 20u55 alles over in de canvasconnectie met Mariken Wessels. Canvasconnectie on Saturday, April 9, En nu is er dus een tentoonstelling. Met een heleboel borsten. En een heleboel vragen. Ben je er doorheen — dat gaat alleen door beide armen in een dramatisch gebaar te spreiden — sta je tussen 5. Waarom dat is komt zo; eerst nog even over woorden. Hoewel er gemakkelijk naast te kijken is — de meeste museumbezoekers lezen niet of slecht — spreekt er uit de titel en die tekst op het gordijn een interessante tegenstelling.

Want gaat het nu over Henry, die nergens te zien is, of gaat het over Martha, het lijdzame onderwerp van die vier muren vol standaard afdrukjes? Ook in een disfunctioneel huwelijk hebben echtelieden elkaar nodig, in voor- en tegenspoed. Na ruim twintig jaar huwelijk besluit Henry zijn amateurlens op zijn vrouw Martha te richten. Met een overgave alsof hij iets had in te halen. Wessels kreeg een doos vol afdrukken, negatieven, collages, beeldjes en correspondentie in handen en verwierf er de rechten over.

Ze reconstrueerde de laatste huwelijkse jaren onder meer middels gesprekken en materiaal van bekenden van het echtpaar. Hier wordt plezier gemaakt. Gewikkeld in een gehaakte lap kijkt het dier mistroostig de kamer in. Het is dan ook verleidelijk om te denken in termen van voyeurisme, perversiteit, masochisme, onderdrukking.

Maar als je na bijna vijfentwintig jaar huwelijk niet meer weet hoe en wat, dan vraag je je echtgenoot misschien wel je erotisch te fotograferen. En hij doet dan dan, maar zet wat intiem moet zijn naar zijn hand door de fanatieke amateur in zich naar boven te laten komen en voor elke gemaakte foto houding squeeze, xxgood, kneeling en technische details te noteren.

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En dat zij na de ontdekking dat haar beeltenis alle muren van de werkkamer van haar echtgenoot siert eindelijk voldoende moed bijeen heeft geraapt om er de brui aan te geven, maar niet voordat ze alle afdrukken uit het raam smijt. Wie weet, is het wel zo gegaan. Of nog anders.