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A More Reasonable Location for the Ark
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2012 ark ship

Popular floating restaurant 'Ark Deck Bar', off the coast near Bandra, capsized and sank on Friday evening under the possible impact of huge tidal waves trigged by the Mekuni Cyclone, police said. According to sources, due to pressure from the high tide, the anchor slipped off the ship and the vessel hit a rock which lead to a hole in the ship.

At least 15 people on board, mostly crew, were immediately rescued as the vessel tilted dangerously this evening and were taken ashore in small motorboats, according to an official of Bandra Police station. There are 3 floating restaurants along the sea coast in Mumbai near Bandra Worli sea link and all 3 should have moved been due to the approaching monsoon season.

Noah's Ark opens at Kentucky theme park - CNN

It is yet to be determined why the vessels were never moved. The floating restaurant was to be moved from the coast from the Bandra Sea Link jetty earlier in the morning. Also read: The 'unsinkable' Titanic set sail on this day: Here's the story about its last lifeboat. The 'Ark Deck Bar' floatel, a luxurious offshore dining and party attraction, has a capacity of around people and was anchored some distance off the Bandra Jetty, offering a magnificent view of the Mumbai skyline and the Rajiv Gandhi Bandra Worli Sea Link nearby. Meanwhile, the owner of Mumbai's first floatel, 'AB Celestial', Aishwarya Bhende said her vessel was shifted to and anchored off the Ferry Wharf in south Mumbai a couple of days ago after the Mekuni Cyclone warning was issued by the maritime authorities.

The Awful Truth About Impeachment

There is some speculation that it had met with a tragedy, but that is not correct," Bhende told media persons. This was the last bad weather Ark encountered on the trans-Atlantic voyage. On 25 December , wine was passed out to celebrate Christmas. The following day, 30 colonists fell ill with a fever brought on by excessive drinking and 12 died, including two of the Roman Catholic colonists. These were the only losses suffered on the voyage.

Ark Ship Builders Hoodie

About two weeks later, Dove arrived. As it later developed, Dove had been able to reach the shelter of Plymouth harbor where she rode out the storm.

An earlier departure was intended but was delayed because Richard Orchard , master captain the Dove had departed inland to collect some debts and could not be found on the intended sailing date. This ended their ocean voyage which had lasted slightly over three months, of which 66 days were actually spent at sea.

The two ships briefly stopped in Jamestown, Virginia up the James River. After a week's stay, the Calvert colonists then sailed northward up the large expanse of the Bay, landing on St.

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Clement's Island , also known as Blakistone Island, on the north shore of the Potomac River , across from Virginia's northern border, on 25 March This day was thereafter celebrated annually in the colony and free State as " Maryland Day ". The colonists planted a large cross, claiming the land in the name of Charles I , King of England, and holding their first communal Mass led by the accompanying Jesuit chaplain, Father Andrew White. The day "25 March" has been traditionally taken to mark the end of the voyage, although, in fact, the voyage had actually ended earlier on 24 February, when the Ark and the Dove arrived at Point Comfort entering the North American continental waters.

Although too small for the intended settlement, St. Clement's provided a relatively secure base from which Leonard Calvert , , new first Governor of Maryland and younger brother of Cecilius, could explore the area and negotiate the purchase of land for the new colony.

Noah’s Ark: LIFE-SIZE replica of Biblical ship set to sail to Israel

After a brief three-week stay on the island, the new Marylanders occupied a nearby Piscataway Indian village they had purchased on the St. George's later the St. Mary's River, several miles kilometers southeast from St. The new English settlement was named " St. Mary's County.