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  4. Indian students wear boxes on their heads during exam to prevent cheating
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  • Der Terrorismus und seine (vernachlässigten) Opfer: Eine soziologisch-theoretische Betrachtung (German Edition);

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Cardboard Boxes

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Sign In. Bespoke Post. Blair Madeley has one of the most coveted commodities in the city — a relatively affordable, one-bedroom apartment. He also has something no tenant wants — a stack of notices threatening to evict him from the place where he has lived for the last six years.

Indian students wear boxes on their heads during exam to prevent cheating

Madeley, a bouncer and University of Toronto student, who lives with his girlfriend, their dog and cat, believes the landlord wants him out to raise the rent that has gone up considerably in Parkdale in recent years. He also thinks the landlord is vexed by his association with a group pushing for building improvements. Landlords are increasingly using N5 forms like the ones Madeley received to trigger evictions so they can raise the rent when a new occupant moves in, say tenant advocates. But their reasons for wanting Madeley out of the unit are listed in detail on the N5s.

Among them: the unauthorized replacement of light switches with dimmers, installation of a remote-controlled door lock, stickers on the unit door, a new shower head and a spray attachment on the kitchen tap. It alleges that Madeley misrepresented himself to the city as the owner of the fridge and that he accused the landlord of harassing him by requesting documentation about the arrangement.

Madeley denies that allegation and any suggestion that he threatened anyone. He says the damage complaints are petty and exaggerated.

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  4. An appendix to an Oct. They yelled, banged on doors and police were called. They left when police came. The City of Toronto website lists 26 investigations into the midrise apartment building between Nov. The investigations can be triggered by a call from a resident or by a city inspector.

    The landlord has until Nov.

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    When someone moves out of a rental in Ontario, the landlord can raise the rent as high as they want. But if a tenant remains, the landlord is restricted to a provincial guideline limiting rent increases. Next year has been set at 2. A landlord can apply for above-guideline increases if they can make the case for repairs or improvements that warrant more.

    There is no record of how many N5s are issued in Ontario each year. But the Landlord and Tenant Board said N5s were used in 8, landlord applications to evict last year. The board did not supply statistics that would show whether the number has risen.