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  2. Welche Bedeutung hat die okkulte Entwicklung des Menschen für seine Hüllen
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Agon m agon; game; contest. Agrargesellschaft f agrarian society. Agressionskrieg m war of aggression. Ahne m -n ancestor; predecessor. Ahnen n presentiment. Ahnenbild n -er picture of an ancestor.

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Ahnenerbe n ancestral heritage. Ahnenkult m ancestor worship. Ahnenreihe f line of ancestors. Ahnenverehrung f ancestor worship. Ahnherr m first ancestor. Aitiologie f aetiology. Akademismus m academicism, academism. Akatalepsie f acatalepsy, incomprehensibility.

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Akazie f -n acacia. Akazienholz n acacia wood. Akklamation f -en acclamation; cheering. Akkolade f -n accolade, brace, bracket. Akkordbenennung f Mus: chordal terminology. Akkordbestimmung f Mus: chord analysis, harmonic analysis. Akkordfolge f succession of chords.

Welche Bedeutung hat die okkulte Entwicklung des Menschen für seine Hüllen

Akkordzither f autoharp; chord zither. Akkulturation f -en acculturation. Konst abr Pseud- Apostolische Konstitution en. Akosmismus m aconsmism.

Aktivismus m activism. Aktmaterie f act-material, act-matter. Aktuale n the actual, that which is actual or real. Aktualismus m actualism, actual idealism, topicalism. Aktualwert m -e actual value.

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Aktulisierung f actualization. Aktutilitarismus m act utilitarianism. Akuta f acuta organ. Akzentuierung f -en accentuation, stress; emphasis. Akzentverschiebung f -en shift of accent or stress; Mus : change of beat.

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Akzentzeichen n - grammatical accent, accent uation sign or mark; Mus: accent or stress mark. Akzeptanz f acceptance, acceptancy. Akzeptanz-Nutzen m acceptance-utility. Akzidens n accident. Akzidentalien pl accidents, accidentals. Akzidentalismus m accidentalism. Albe f -n alb. Albeitbarkeit f derivability. Albigenser f pl Albigenses. Albumblatt n -"er albumblatt, album page; album piece poem or instrumental composition for an album. Alchemie f alchemy.

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Alchemist m -en alchemist. Alchimismus m alchemism. Aleatorik f aleatory. Aletheia f Phil : aletheia, disclosure; unconcealment; unhiddenness; disclosedness; discoveredness. Alethiologie f alethiology, alethology. Alethologie f alethiology, alethology. Alexandriner f pl Alexandrians. Alexandrinertum n merely derivative scholarship; remoteness from reality.

Alexandrismus m Alexandrianism. Alibi n -s alibi; excuse. Alienation f alienation; derangement of the mind. All n universe, cosmos, world; oniter spaces; Phil : the sum of things; noun-prefix universally, all; as prefix of adv it is archaic and affects the meaning. All-Einheit f Phil : universal unity or oneness. Allaussage f Phil : universal sentence or statement. Allegorese f -n allegorical interpretation.

Der Kampf gegen das Dorfsterben: Bad Grund (Harz), Jördenstorf, Loitz, Coppenbrügge - Panorama 3 - N

Allegorie f allegory. Alleinherrschaft f autocratic rule; absolute dictatorship. Alleinvertretungsanspruch m -"e claim to sole representation. Allerbarmer m the All-merciful, God of mercy. Allgeber m God, Giver of all. Allgegenwart f omnipresence; ubiquity; die A. Allgeist m Phil: universal spirit. Allgemeinbegriff m -e universal concept; universal or general term, notion, or idea; pl common notions; Lat : notiones communes.

Allgemeinbildung f all-round or general education. Allgemeine und das Besondere n the general or universal and the particular; allgemeine W. Allgemeinheit f generality, universality; general public.