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After you get the pattern for the continent down it should only take a few hours - maybe loops around Pandaria , you'll notice the number of rares whittling down. Don't diverge from this path until you get to about the halfway point. Once I hit halfway through the 56 rares, I noticed it began becoming increasingly redundant to follow the same path, as I began getting a great deal of duplicate kills.

Don't camp a kill. I know some might argue against me on this, but even with fast spawn times I narrowed them down to a 45 minute to 2 hour 30 min window , you're wasting a great deal of time. I only camped Sahn in Vale.

The Glorious | PERROTIN

It was 2 hours of sitting, and I could have made approx 6 full loops in this time. I didn't start actually "camping" until I had about remaining, and even then, monitor the other rares in the zone - if they are freshly dead, go check your targeted rare - if they aren't there at all, go spend 10 minutes camping, then go to the next one. Don't get frustrated. Always duplicate kill the spawns - if you killed it already, do it again.

If you need help with a rare, be sure to ask! Initially, I believed the rares in a zone all spawned simultaneously, however, after further thought, they seem to in large part do this, BUT, they also seem grouped into a batch of 3, maybe 4, groups that spawn together. I will try to determine the groups someday. Lastly, I'd advise starting it early in the AM. I started my first day at 2a. The longer you work on the paths from one rare to the next, the faster you will get the achieve.

Don't give up! Comment by ElectronMaster A couple of things that I have observed when hunting these rares. They do not all spawn at the same time.

David Archuleta: GLORIOUS from Meet the Mormons

It seems that they are organized into groups on the server. When it's time for that group to spawn, everyone in that group spawns at the same time. This seems to be across all the zones in Pandaria. I have killed rares that just spawned, and the a few dozen yards away where there is another one that spawns, it's not there, no corpse, nothing. If nobody kills them when it's time for the next group to spawn, the rares that are still up will despawn and the next group will spawn.

Comment by SwiftEngage I spent a good amount of time trying to bag Scritch , presumably because he drops the Hozen Peace Pipe If you're hunting for the achievement I'd recommend modifying your flight route to do several flybys of high-traffic rares such as Sulik'shor and particularly those in Dread Wastes, which has a high-concentration of desirable items.

Otherwise you might be staring at a lot of corpses of the mobs you need. Comment by Seahnjin I've actually seen two rares of a region spawn at the exact same time Bonobos and Sulik'shor thanks to a friend in this screenshot. Right after killing Sulik'shor, we found and killed Sele'na and Nasra Spothide.

The Glorious (Aparthotel), Al Madinah (Saudi Arabia) deals

Unfortunately, we didn't bother to check the other rares because Sulik'shor and Nasra were the last ones I needed for my achievement So we didn't really think this through. But I've often stumbled across all rares of a same region in a row. Comment by schuppy39 Loved the comment of Lore, but was going crazy with searching where to find wich rare, so put them in order of area Jade Forest: Aethis Jinyu On an island in the middle of a small pool of water in the Dookin' Grounds, East of Grookin' Hill.

Ferdinand Yaungol In the Arboretum area under the blossom trees. Spriggin Hozen In the south of Nayeli Lagoon, on the island of Unga Ingoo, at the top of the hill on the boat platform. Ruun Ghostpaw Panderan Inside Temple of the Red Crane, up the stairs on the second floor in the small alcove clear the incarnations first as they slow and stun. Gar'lok Mantid Spawns near The Heart of Fear tree, in one of several houses that are seperated from the tree on the north or east sides.

Gracious and Glorious

Lith'ik the Stalker Mantid Spawns in several places around the base of the Sik'vess tree. Lon the Bull Yaungol Patroling through firecamp Osul on the upper tier. Norlaxx Mogu Sorcerer By the large floating amber crystal, on the south-west side of the Kri'vess tree.

Ski'thik Mantid On kota peak, at the far south-west end of the flagged path, standing among the bodies of dead grummles. Kal'tik the Blight Mantid In the far west of the map. Comment by Rukalove42 There seems to only be a certain amount of rares up at a time. I farmed all the elites for the achievement and aided a friend in farming a few of them specifically for an item. I noticed that the elites did spawn usually right around an hour each time with a few exceptions.

Every now and them the elite would not spawn for hrs. I would go to the different zones or different areas and many of the elites would be up. It is possible that the spawns are somewhat linked.


I also noticed in some zones when the monkey rare was glitched out the others took longer to respawn not sure if they are related. The longest I've had to wait was exactly 3 hrs and that was for 2 different rares in VoEB. Comment by coezo About all mobs respawning at one zone at the same time, after reading it here for the first time, it didn't really work with me, or I'm missing something.

Here what's happened.

Let’s build a glorious future.

I decided today I was going to farm for both rares that dropped pets Nalash Verdantis and Karr the Darkener. I checked both and none were there. I decided to camp by Nalash, and after a while, he appeared.

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I killed him, and the pet didn't drop. Immediately after that, I flew to the location of Karr, just to find a druid killing him he died a few seconds after I arrived. I logged out and came back on after an hour. I was by Karr already and decided, then, to camp him. After a couple minutes, he spawned, and I killed him. Immediately after that, I flew to Nalash's location, and he wasn't there. I know for a thing that I didn't check on him before, but if all rares spawn at the same time, I should be able to at least find Nalash's corpse, right?

Also, wouldn't they ever respawn until after all of the zone's rares are killed? Comment by twosheds76 This achievement is listed as being worth 30 points on Wowhead but shows up as being worth 50 points in the game. I have confirmed it's will only give you 30 points :'. Comment by kooldavid I just completed this achievement in just over 7 days. Well worth it : As others has posted above, look for the rares during the early morning. I eventually had to camp a few when it came down to rares to go.

I got pretty lucky with a few where I killed 4 straight over an hour :. You will not be able to open your achievements and view the full list until you've completed Can We Find More Like That? If you want to view the full list, here is a solution. Use this script command.

You may now click and show the progress for your own achievement without having to go into your achievements. Comment by bildr This script which you can run via the Paste -addon detects all the remaining champs and adds the waypoints to your TomTom.