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  1. Ukrainian officials discussing ways to improve standing with Trump
  2. Impeachment Hearing Reveals Trump OPSEC Blunder
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More from Kyle Cheney and Andrew Desiderio. No, but it seems close to impossible to envision it when GOP lawmakers like Sen. Or will it tire of the process? Read the transcripts and see how often they end up talking about the Steele dossier, or other ancillary issues.

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Will they continue that, or will they stay narrowly focused on the issues at hand? Will they flail around, or stay tightly focused on what Republicans consider their most effective line to date: How was this a quid pro quo if Ukraine got the money without issuing a statement about investigating the Bidens? With the cameras now rolling, will Democrats have the ability to keep at bay their extreme distaste for the president, and allow the mostly nonpartisan witnesses to carry the day?

Will Democrats be able to explain what they see as an extortion plot by the president to damage a political rival? Now that the hearings are public -- and will be covered wall to wall by network and cable television -- will they shift strategy, or stand pat? Will they try to discredit the witnesses personally, or will they seek to discredit their arguments? Action seems unlikely -- although not impossible -- that week. For the two weeks after that -- week of Dec. But this glosses over a larger point: On the current trajectory, Republicans are engaging in a battle with their own long-term costs that they will be paying for the next generation.

And they will be paid by conservatives who follow him—who will discover their own principles have lost credibility and power in the public mind because of their connection to Trump.

Ukrainian officials discussing ways to improve standing with Trump

Impeachment and the presidential primary are like two planets slowly pulled together by gravity that are finally about to collide -- nobody seems to know who will survive impact. Army Corps of Engineers and senior U. Customs and Border Protection officials, according to four people familiar with the White House proposal.

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  • My Private Oval Office Press Conference With Donald Trump.
  • House committees release trove of Ukraine documents;

The Army Corps and CBP have told Kushner that construction contractors do not want their proprietary techniques visible to competitors, according to four people who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe the internal discussions. Their scheduled afternoon news conference, however, will give Trump a stage to counter the first public hearings in the House impeachment inquiry. The offer is likely to infuriate at least some of the overwhelming House majority that voted last month to impose sanctions on Turkey over its assault into Syria, and a bipartisan group of senators who introduced a similar bill.

Trump first expressed his dismay about Mr. In recent weeks, he has continued to raise with aides the possibility of firing him, one of the people said. Parnas declined to comment.

And the Chinese side is ready to ready to make our utmost effort. I have done something that nobody else has been able to do. Nobody has been able to say that. I heard Lindsey Graham this morning congratulating me on having defeated the cal- — you know, the caliphate. But we have had tremendous success in defeating the caliphate.

Impeachment Hearing Reveals Trump OPSEC Blunder

And now everybody is admitting I did more in the last three or four weeks than people have done in years. It has to be done properly. This is a big story. The Republican candidate is calling for a new election. Excuse me. When I look at that catastrophe that took place in Florida where the Republican candidates kept getting less and less and less and less.

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And fortunately, Rick Scott and Ron ended up winning their election, but it was disgraceful what happened there. So I look at a lot of different places all over the country. But any form of election fraud, I condemn. President, when do you want to have that meeting with President Xi? And do expect to have that at Mar-a-Lago? Probably fairly soon, during the month of March. Bob, do you have a date? Steve, do you have a date? Would you still consider a ban of Chinese technology?

And we want everybody to compete. We may or may not include that in this deal. Everybody knows we need border security. We need a wall. We have tremendous border control and border security there. But if we had the wall, it would be much easier. And, frankly, it would be a job that would be perfecto. And it would cost actually, ultimately, a lot less money.

What do you mean? We want to have great 5G. But 6G, at some point in the future, will be obsolete. But I want to have competition with China. Fair competition. We want to have open competition. President, your officials mentioned that was a deal on currency. Can you explain to us what that was? But I will veto it, yes. President, last year you had dropped all U. In the meantime, we may set up some meetings with Pakistan. But I did; I ended the payment.

I ended that about nine months ago. What are you — what are you trying to refer to? And we would like to see it stop. A lot of people were just killed and we want to see it stopped. And, I mean, India just lost almost 50 people and — with an attack, so I can understand that also. President, on Huawei, sir, just one quick follow-up: Are you planning an executive order on Huawei? We may or may not put that in the trade agreement. So we do that with the Attorney General, if we do anything.

But I think it was a big loss for New York City. I come from New York City. I love New York City.

President Trump Participates in a Naturalization Ceremony in the Oval Office

I think it was big loss for New York City. President, when were you briefed, sir, on the Coast Guard member who was arrested for threatening Democrats and other members of the media? Now negotiation is going on.